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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Where to Find Mythril Stones

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Where to Find Mythril Stones

Mythril, a Keyblade’s favorite food.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X has a handful of Keyblades with unique statistics, like enhancing Power or Speed Medals. All of the game’s Keyblades can be leveled up, and Mythril Stones are a material that’s necessary for the leveling process.

Progressing through the Story mode is the most straightforward way to get Mythril Stones. However, finishing the quests is not enough to get the item to drop. Every quest has three optional objectives to complete, which you can view before starting. Completing these may cause a Mythril Stone to drop.

If you aren’t able to finish an objective on your first try, you can level up and replay the quest at any time.

Most stages in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X allow you to explore before defeating the marked target. If you search the area, you can find treasure chests and sparkling patches on the ground that contain loot. Be sure to open every chest and search the ground, because these can contain Mythril Stones.

Finally, there is a weekly event where you can gain a large amount of Mythril Stones. On Saturday and Sunday, go to the Quests menu, open Special Quests, and play Mythril Madness. This gives you a series of quests where you must defeat rare enemies to get guaranteed Mythril Stones.

Equip your strongest Medals, because the enemy will try to escape the battle quickly. If they get away, you get no loot from the fight.

If you’re low on Jewels as well, check out our guide on quickly gaining Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.

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