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Doom: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Doom: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Tips to keep the demons away!

Stay On the Move
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The enemies in Doom are relentless. Not only will they come in pretty hefty waves, using their numbers as a means of swarming you to your death, but they also don’t know when to quit. On a number of occasions during your playthrough, you’ll find yourselves in larger open areas with a ton of enemies all waiting to tear you limb from limb. Their weapons are powerful and they have a tendency to follow your around, too. Therefore, you’ll need to stay on the move in order to prevent yourself from getting swarmed out, and also to stop yourself from any incoming fire from any enemies repping long-ranged weapons.

Keep looking around you and never stop moving. Doom will punish anyone who thinks they’re strong enough to battle their way out of a circle of demons, so it’s best to not even get into that position. Combo running with jumping to help you evade any incoming fire. Just make sure you don’t accidentally walk backward off a cliff.

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