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Doom: How Long the Single Player Campaign Is


Doom: How Long the Single Player Campaign Is

It takes time to get to Hell!

Doom has finally made its long-awaited return and has brought with it some seriously gory and brutal action. You’ll be using a mix of new futuristic weapons and iconic weapons from the series as you gun down waves of Hell’s forces.

Taking advantage of its setting, Doom has players exploring huge levels, each one littered with collectibles, little easter eggs, and most obviously, enemies. There’s plenty to keep you distracted in each level and so you may not want to just blast your way through the ‘critical path’ of each mission.

How long it takes you to get through Doom’s single player campaign will really depend on exactly how you intend to play it. Back in February of this year, id Software stated that the game was averaging out at about 13+ hours to play through. It turns out that this rings largely true. Depending, of course, on how much you explore, it’s possible to see through the entirety of the Doom campaign in around 10-12 hours.

Playing through on the Ultra Violence difficulty and going about and exploring each level to a pretty large extent we found the game to take us around 12 hours. However, Bethesda has included plenty of secrets and extra hidden areas in each level that you won’t be able to reach during the loadout you have in the early stages of the game. Therefore, to see everything the game has to offer you’ll have to go back through and replay the levels with your new abilities and weapons.

Oh, and for those who like a true challenge, Doom’s highest difficulty setting has a permadeath mode. The farthest point at which you died will be marked in the game so you can continue to go back and try and advance further. Obviously, taking on this challenge will require a lot more time to complete, so for you completionists out there, don’t be shocked to be spending much longer than the 10-12 hours for a standard run through.

For how many chapters there are as well as their names, go to the next page. We’re hiding this behind a spoiler warning just as a precaution.

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