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Battleborn: How to Mute Players

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Battleborn: How to Mute Players

Battleborn boasts three different multiplayer mods that you can play privately with friends or online with random humans. As you would expect, this could lead to you playing some games with people that you don’t want to listen to. Look, it’s completely understandable. It’s not that you’re not a team player; it’s that hearing a person breathe is super weird. Don’t worry; we get it.

Luckily, you can just mute people’s mics! Before starting a game, while you’re still in that lobby, you’ll see each teammate’s username listed on the right-hand side. Hover over the person you want to mute, select them, and then hit the mute option. It’s as easy as that and they’ll be muted for the rest of the match. Be sure to do it for each person, as you wouldn’t want to leave some straggler still talking.

Ah, silence is golden, right? Keep in mind this may make your strategy in the more team-based modes difficult! If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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