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A Look Back at Uncharted’s Greatest Locations


A Look Back at Uncharted’s Greatest Locations

What beauty the world holds.

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for the first three Uncharted games ahead.


uncharted 2 shambhala

Shambhala, which was also known as the mythical city of Shangri-La, was a fantastic location in the Uncharted series for many reasons. For one, the architecture of this city was absolutely stunning. Stone staircases bridged towering structures, nature had slowly made its claim on the stone beauties, and gorgeous waterfalls cascaded into the center of it all. But journeying deeper into this protected city’s confines revealed even more to behold.

The roots of the Tree of Life held up this legendary city, and attracted endless hordes of treasure hunters and would-be violators of this ancient location. It was where the final battle of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the toughest showdown in the series, would take place. After drinking in the majesty of Shambhala, hiding its source of power and watching the city crumble is just as beautiful.

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