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5 Overwatch Characters With the Coolest Backstories


5 Overwatch Characters With the Coolest Backstories

Everyone’s got a story.



“Are you with me?”

Winston was one of the first Overwatch characters revealed, and he definitely made an impression on folks. A talking gorilla is cool, but a talking gorilla with a jetpack who goes into rage mode when his glasses are broken? Yeah, that’s gotta endear him to some folks. Don’t let that description fool you, though. He may look and act like a brute, but he’s easily one of, if not the smartest character in the whole fiction.

Let’s preface this by saying that Winston’s backstory sounds incredibly crazy and ridiculous, but all of it is true. Genetically engineered as a child to become hyperintelligent along with several other gorillas on a moon colony (yes, seriously), Winston took his name from the doctor who adopted him and was later killed by other gorillas during the uprising on the moon. Yes, this all happened (and the uprising is still happening on the moon). He was able to take a rocket back to Earth and join Overwatch to help save the world during the Omnic crisis.

Winston had the most to lose when the organization was disbanded, as it was the second home he lost due to chaotic forces outside control. He’s the heart of the game’s backstory, declaring that the world “tore our family apart” in the Cinematic Teaser and calling the other Overwatch agents back into the fray. He just also happens to be the heart who will eventually have to deal with those other gorillas on the moon.

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