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5 Nerfs and Adjustments Overwatch Needs


5 Nerfs and Adjustments Overwatch Needs

With great power, comes great responsibility.

The term ‘nerf’ is one that is thrown around in every video game forum in one way or another, usually followed by a series of expletive words. With Overwatch mania in full swing and a roster of 21 characters, the balancing for some of them has been put into question. After playing with each character and reading through forum post after forum post of rage-induced rants, it’s clear that some characters aren’t feeling the love.

Now whether it’s justified or not is up for debate, as Overwatch is an exceptionally balanced multiplayer shooter for the most part. That, however, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement when it comes to this list of heroes, as some do need a bit of fine-tuning. Before we begin, it’s critical to note that we are not calling for certain heroes to be nerfed into the ground so they become unplayable or that an entire character’s purpose is made void. Almost every character in the game has a counter opposite made to eliminate them, even if Blizzard didn’t make this overly apparent during the initial outset of the game.

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We will also be taking into consideration the growing competitive scene in Overwatch, as already high-level play has begun to take hold. Yet, the competitive meta will not be the singular basis for our choices, as some characters are running rampant through the normal servers. It’s also important to note that metas can drastically sway and shift, especially with the soon to be released ranked game mode, though these five characters could use a bit of tuning up before that game type drops.

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