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3 Reasons Why We All Need a Break From Zombies


3 Reasons Why We All Need a Break From Zombies

Time for ghouls to go.

Zombies are the quintessential enemy in video games that, much like Nazis, free us from the guilt of slaughtering hundreds upon hundreds in creative ways. They’re that rare type of monster that can jump genres with little problem at all, as zombies have made their way into class-based shooters, horror, action, RPGs, and even puzzle titles. The zombie craze is in full effect and frankly it may be time for the ghouls to take a bit of a break.


Don’t get me wrong; zombies, when used right, can really enhance a video game and stand in for a larger message that the narrative is trying to tell. On the other hand, zombies also serve as a nice catalyst for players to just kick back and mow through dozens upon dozens without a shred of remorse. Yet, zombies really haven’t added anything new or interesting to the gaming space in ages. Sure there have been some interesting additions such as Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’s colorful rendition or Dying Light’s Volatiles, but it’s incredibly rare to get unique renditions. Perhaps it’s time we really reflect on the undead as a whole and really see if they need to be as overwhelming a force in video games.

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