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Titanfall 2 Will Be Showcased at EA Play This Summer


Titanfall 2 Will Be Showcased at EA Play This Summer

Titans to fall in June!

In a twitter post today, EA confirmed that Titanfall 2, the sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s 2014 sci-fi FPS which was officially revealed via teaser trailer earlier in the week, will be showcased at EA Play events in LA and London this June.

The event, which is scheduled just prior to E3 2016, will contain playable demos and information on some of EA’s upcoming titles. Although confirming that Titanfall 2 will be at EA Play in some capacity, the full event schedule does not shed light on whether there will be a playable form of the game at the event.

EA are putting their cards on the table with their EA Play event as they have previously announced they are not going to be maintaining their usual level of presence at E3 2016, instead scaling back their attendance and focusing more resources on their EA Play events. The announcement of Titanfall 2’s presence there is likely to be a real feather in the cap moment for EA as they try to drive awareness and build hype for the event.

Regardless, fans of the first Titanfall game will be waiting with bated breath for June’s events and new information on the sequel. Will it have a full solo-campaign? Will there be new models of Titan? What is up with that sword?!

What would you like to see EA reveal about Titanfall 2 in June? Let us know in the comments.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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