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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Get the Magrope (Grappling Hook)

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Get the Magrope (Grappling Hook)

And swiiiing!

There had been mutterings about there being a grappling hook in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for quite some time, but with the arrival of the beta came the concrete evidence that it will be featured in the parkour action game. Here’s how to get the Magrope and swing around the city like Spider-Man!

In order to get the Magrope, you’ll have to unlock it as an ability, however, unlike some of the other abilities on offer, this one requires a bit of a prerequisite. In order to unlock the Magrope for it to become purchasable, you’ll have to complete the mission ‘Savant Extraordinaire.’

Once you’ve completed this mission you’ll be able to unlock the standard Magrope. This allows you to attach the manifold attachment gear to suspended security cameras to swing across large spaces. In order to be able to latch onto high, out-of-reach places, you’ll need to unlock the first upgrade for it. This requires you to complete the mission ‘Sanctuary,’ and, just like all of the other abilities, purchase it once again. The final upgrade to the Magrope grants Faith the ability to grab and pull objects from a distance. This is particularly handy for removing obstructions, but will once again cost you an upgrade point and requires you to complete the mission ‘Vive La Resistance.’

So, simply put, all you’ll have to do is work your way through the main missions of the game. After a while, you should find you have enough upgrade points and have completed the missions necessary to unlock this seriously cool piece of equipment.

Have you been using the Magrope in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst? Let us know in the comments below.

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