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Destiny Returning Player’s Guide – How to Get 335 Light


Destiny Returning Player’s Guide – How to Get 335 Light

Welcome back guardian.

Has it Been a While? Here Are The Basics

Blue Chroma Destiny

Welcome back guardian! Destiny recently released its sort of big April Update last week, and people are buzzing about Destiny for the first time in a while. This has led to lots of old-timey Destiny fans like myself to return to the game and check out what’s new and different. In the long term, Bungie still needs to add a lot more to Destiny. Still, on the bright side though, the April Update puts Destiny in a really good place in terms of variety and rewarding players for the work they put in.

Year One Returners and Newbies

If you’re coming back from Year One, I have some bad news: All of your Year One equipment is essentially useless with the exception of weapons you really like in regular Crucible where power levels don’t matter. Also, all of the endgame activities from Year One like Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and the original Prison of Elders are pretty much pointless as well unless you’re after something really specific from them to use in Crucible like the Vex Mythoclast or just like collecting relics.

So if you’re just jumping into The Taken King, don’t stress anything too much yet. Take as many bounties as you can and level up to 40 with the story missions like you did in the past before moving onto the other parts of this guide. Oh and there’s also a microtransaction shop called Eververse Trading Company, but you can safely ignore it unless you’re very impatient about cosmetic drops and/or want more emotes.

Year Two Returners

If you’re jumping back in from somewhere in Year Two, things aren’t completely different, but there are some changes you should be aware of. First off, King’s Fall isn’t the only show in town anymore. Mercifully, the endgame is much more varied thanks to the inclusion of the updated Prison of Elders, which makes its return after being effectively retired at the end of Year One.

The light level has been increased to 335, and a handful of new gear sets have been added. You can upgrade that armor with a new item called Chroma, which adds neat glowing lights to it. It’s cool, but it doesn’t help you in battle at all. A lot of that stuff (Chroma, new armor) drops from new Sterling Treasure Mystery Bags. You can read up on how to get Chroma and Sterling Treasure if you want it, but as far as climbing to 335 goes, they aren’t as important.

destiny boss 20 urrox

Finally, before we start digging into tips, although we meant it when we said Year One stuff is pretty much dead outside of Crucible, it’s worth noting that Bungie did decide to bring back some Year One weapons such as Shadow Price. They are RNG drops from reward packages. You can view the full list of returning weapons here.

OK now that you’re all caught up on what’s new, lets go into more detail about the changes that are relevant in getting you to as close as possible to the new max light level of 335.

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