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Dark Souls III: How to Respec Your Stats and Appearance


Dark Souls III: How to Respec Your Stats and Appearance

To respec your stats or appearance in Dark Souls III, you’ll first need to find an NPC named Rosaria and join the Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant.

To find Rosaria, head to the Cathedral of the Deep. After you unlock the second shortcut leading back to the bonfire, head through it and take the elevator up. Deal with the archer here then go through the gap in the wall, and find a ladder to your left. Climb up, defeat the mage waiting for you, and enter the gap next to him that leads outside. From here, you’ll jump down to a narrow, blue roof. Walk upwards, to the right, and then hug the left wall until you reach an entrance to the Cathedral of the Deep rafters. Walk along the left rafter and towards the back, you’ll see a wooden platform below with railings. Jump onto this, and work your way through the swarm of white slugs. Just to the right, you’ll see Rosaria’s chamber.

Speak with her, and she’ll ask if you want to join the covenant. Say yes, and you’ll then be able to give her a Pale Tongue to reset your stats or appearance. You can also use Pale Tongues to level up.

Keep in mind, you can only respec five times per game, meaning you reset your five chances in your New Game+.





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