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Dark Souls III: How to Play Co-Op With Friends


Dark Souls III: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Everything is better with a friend!

Dark Souls III throws all manner of beasts and evil creatures up against you, often in groups. So it’s only fair that you’re able to call in the help of your friends to help you on your adventure playing through the game. Here’s how to play co-op with friends on Dark Souls III.

First off, let’s give our different players names. We have the host, the person whose world you will be playing in. The player or players who will join this world are the clients and it is these that need to start making the preparations.

Before anything else, both of you should head into the ‘Settings’ menu and onto the ‘Online’ tab. In here, you should find a box marked ‘Password Matching.’ Enter a password of your choice in here and tell this to your client so that they can also enter this in the same box.

The client players must make sure that they have a White Sign Soapstone in their inventory. If they don’t, you can grab one at the Firelink Shrine. Once you’ve grabbed this, place it next to a bonfire to make it easy to find. The host will then need to make sure you have your ember on, and be near to where the client player has dropped their White Sign Soapstone.

Once all of this is done, you, as the host, should see the Summon Signs clients laid down within your game. They appear to be words on the ground, shining white. Simply interact with them and your friends will join you in your world so you can take on the evil together.

Be sure to check out our Dark Souls III wiki for more tips and tricks.

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