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Dark Souls III: How to Get to Farron Keep


Dark Souls III: How to Get to Farron Keep

This swamp will kill you.

Farron Keep is a deadly swamp filled with poisonous waters, poisonous enemies, and powerful gear. You’ll need to wade through a bit of danger in order to get here, but you’ll want to access this area to join the Watchdogs of Farron covenant, and to face the Abyss Watchers.

You’ll want to start from the Crucifixion Woods bonfire, which is the one right before the area where you fight the Crystal Sage. Instead of heading into the building right nearby, go into the water and make your way across to where there is another building. Be careful, there are huge crabs in the water, but they are slow. Just make sure to get around them and continue towards your destination.

Of course, this being Dark Souls III, you’re not going to just enter that building. There are two powerful knights here. One wields a giant club, the other a giant blade. You’ll want to lure one out with a ranged attack (the one on the steps out front is the one with the club). Deal with him, then do the same with the next.

After they’re dead, take the ladder down and voila, you’re in Farron Keep. As we mentioned before, this area is very dangerous. You may want to consider obtaining some Poison resistant gear before trekking into the darkness.

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