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Top 10 Best Dark Souls Bosses


Top 10 Best Dark Souls Bosses


10. Gaping Dragon (Dark Souls)


The Gaping Dragon isn’t exactly one of the most engaging boss fights in the Dark Souls games, but it does earn its spot on this list because of how memorable this encounter is. The boss arena is huge and very atmospheric, with light shining through the dragon-shaped crack and cast down on the soaked stone floors.

The boss looks tiny and unassuming at first. In fact, it looks like nothing more than a little crocodile. But then it slowly crawls out of the hole, and you realize that the tiny head you see is just a prelude to the reveal of a very frightening-looking toothy dragon. While the fight itself isn’t particularly difficult, the Gaping Dragon is one of the most well-designed, albeit nightmare-inducing, bosses in the series.

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