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The Division: How to Get Phoenix Credits and Where to Use Them

phoenix credits

The Division: How to Get Phoenix Credits and Where to Use Them

Gotta get them credits.

The most highly coveted items in The Division are High-End Gear. These weapons and armor are game changing in an Agent’s fight to take back New York City. There are several ways to obtain them, but some of the best of this highly elusive gear can actually be purchased. Seems easy, right? Well you can’t just use your regular old Credits or Dark Zone Credits, you’ll need Phoenix Credits.

Phoenix Credits are a special currency that can only be earned once you hit Level 30 in the Division. When that happens, Daily and Weekly activities (along with Challenging Modes) are unlocked. These each reward a certain number of Phoenix Credits to the player.

Challenging Mode is the hardest mode you can play on, but not every Mission will have this mode available. For your first time completing Challenging Mode, you earn 30 Credits. If it happens to be a Daily Activity as well, you will get an additional 20.

Players will receive three Dailies per day. You can locate them on your map by finding missions that have a white circle around them. Just keep in mind that you have to play the marked difficulty (it will be noted when you hover over the mission) and that you should bring a friend or two, as these have increased difficulty.

One other way to obtain 30 Phoenix Credits is to purchase the Uplay Reward for 40 points. Once you have some, there are two ways to spend them once you hit the level cap. A new vendor will appear in the Tech Wing that will accept the credits in exchange for High-End and Superior Weaponry, Armor, and some clothing, mods, materials, and Dark Zone Keys. There is also a Safe House at the northernmost point in the Dark Zone with a vendor that also accepts these.

phoenix credits

The gear sold at these special vendor in the Dark Zone requires a player level of 30 and a Dark Zone Rank of 50. Those sold in the Tech Wing only require the player level.

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