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Stardew Valley: Where to Get Snow Yams


Stardew Valley: Where to Get Snow Yams

Where and How to Get Snow Yams in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features different crops through each season. Of course, Snow Yams are found precisely in the winter. But how do you get a crop while all the harsh cold is happening around Pelican Town?

The easiest way is by tilling up a storm all over the place. The most prevalent areas to find Snow Yams are at the beach as well as around Marnie’s Farm. You don’t necessarily have to look for the worm spots to dig there; you can just dig up everywhere you can and either snow yams or winter roots will show up for you.

Another way to get them is through winter seeds. You can get these by completing the Winter Foraging Bundle at the Community Center, or you have to level up your foraging enough to be able to craft winter seeds. Once you plant these, you’ll have to wait quite a bit, but a variety of different winter crops will sprout. One of these can be snow yams! Naturally, you’ll want to plant as many seeds possible to increase your chances of getting snow yams.

There you have it! Some special white yams for your winter needs. If you need more Stardew Valley help, check out our expanding wiki!

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