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Pokken Tournament: How to Get More Stages

pokken tournament

Pokken Tournament: How to Get More Stages

Pokken Tournament features different Pokemon to fight with and a variety of stages to fight within. They’re all beautiful and offer their advantages and disadvantages. They’re really a unique way to break up the action and change things up a bit in their varying sizes. At first, you’ll have five stages to choose from, but you’ll notice that there are more you can unlock. In order to unlock all of these beautiful levels, simply play through the game’s equivalent of a story mode, Ferrum League, where you are tasked with battling many different trainers to prove you are the very best.

Here are some of the ones you can unlock from completing the Chroma League, for example:

  • Dragon’s Nest
  • Dark Colosseum
  • Dark Colosseum (Final)
  • Blue Dome
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