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First Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Coming Next Month – Report

Pokemon Sun and Moon

First Pokemon Sun and Moon Footage Coming Next Month – Report

Pokemon! Live!

Pokemon game Directors Junichi Masuda, Shigeki Morimoto and Shigeru Ohmori are set to appear on a variety show in Japan, alongside the first footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, according to a report from Serebii. It was confirmed that Gathering of the Pokemon House airs every Sunday with this episode slated for April 3.

It should also be noted that the episode airs around the same time that Corocoro will be starting a series of features about the unreleased games. It is unclear how much will actually be shown of the new games, but going off past history Corocoro, the features will provide a good amount of new information.

There are only two things known about Pokemon Sun and Moon so far, the first being that you can transfer Pokemon caught in the original games re-releases and the game is to be released in late 2016. Until April, nothing else is confirmed and fans only have a few screenshots from the trailer to draw conclusions.

The region for Sun and Moon is still up for debate, with some people looking at a tropical setting due to the palm trees shown in promotional material. That still hasn’t stopped people from speculating and posting on what they want to see from the 20 year old franchise.


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