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5 Changes Pokemon Sun and Moon Seriously Need To Make


5 Changes Pokemon Sun and Moon Seriously Need To Make

Changes that are long overdo.

The Story Needs a Massive Shakeup

Pokemon Sun and Moon

I just know this one isn’t going to happen. I just KNOW it. But geez, wouldn’t it be refreshing if at least just this one time we didn’t go fight eight gym leaders while thwarting an evil organization and our rival, while on our way to become the Pokemon League champion?

It has seriously run its course. It’s impossible to take any of villains seriously at this point as they get more ridiculous with each passing generation. Team Rocket, essentially the Pokemon mob team, felt more intimidating as antagonists than some of the ludicrous groups featured in Ruby & Sapphire and beyond.

Hell, even your rival isn’t really your rival anymore. Gary (Blue) from the originals was a legitimate prick that you couldn’t wait to defeat. Serena and Calem from X and Y, on the other hand? Goody Two-Shoes that only ever have nice things to say about you.

For the love of Arceus, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary this year and the basic premise of the games have yet to change. There’s something to that familiarity, yes, but many fans are ready for change. There’s not much exciting about whooping the Pokemon League anymore. Literally any idea that isn’t what we’ve been doing for 20 years now would be a step in the right direction.

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