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Hyrule Warriors Legends: What’s New on 3DS vs Wii U


Hyrule Warriors Legends: What’s New on 3DS vs Wii U

This is more than just a simple port.

My Fairy

Hyrule Warriors Legends, My Fairy Mode


At a glance Hyrule Warriors Legends might look like a simple, graphically downgraded port of 2014’s Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. While the gameplay is the same, and many aspects have indeed been directly copied from one game to the other, there are plenty of differences that set the two apart and make them their own games worthy of playing.

Hyrule Warriors Legends features a brand new mode from the Wii U original called My Fairy. Throughout Adventure Mode you might find fairies in bottles when you break open item jars. After the battle, you can view all captured fairies in My Fairy mode, and outfit them with different clothes and abilities. Much like new playable characters and alternate costumes, fairy clothing can also be found in certain Adventure Mode stages as rewards. You’ll also need to feed your fairies to help them grow, and you can also find food in random jars just like the fairies themselves.

Fairies all have differing abilities and specialties which will level up with more food. Once you’ve maxed out a fairy’s level, you can revert them back to level 1. They’ll retain 10% of their stats, thus allowing you to grow them even stronger than before.

This all becomes useful because you can take a fairy into battle as a companion of sorts to assist you on your journey. Their wide range of abilities could lower enemy speed or defense, raise ally attack power, replenish lost hearts, or even increase your rupee gain in that level.

New My Fairy outfits are planned to be released with most of the upcoming DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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