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Black Desert Online: How to Get Workers


Black Desert Online: How to Get Workers

I get money.

Now that you have Nodes that you’re investing in, you’ll need to hire some workers to gather resources and take care of things. Hiring a worker is easy. You’ll need 5 Energy and about 3,ooo Silver. After acquiring a node, locate the Worker Supervisor in the linked city. If you can’t find them on your own, use the worker button to locate and auto-run to the proper person.

When interacting with the Supervisor there will be a Contract Workers button. Click it to roll a random worker (this is what costs 5 Energy). If you want to hire the person that comes along, simply pay the fee and they’re yours. A worker requires 1 Lodging which you’ll have automatically as part of the city.

You will get one of three types of workers, each one has certain stats that you may want to be mindful of:

  • Goblin – low stamina, fast worker
  • Giant – high stamina, slow worker
  • Human – balanced

You may get lucky and end up with a Skillful or Artisan worker of one of the three races. Thank the stars if this ever happens to you.

If you want more workers you will need to purchase more lodging. Houses are marked on the map with house icons. Blue houses means you can purchase them. After purchasing, set it for lodging and you’re set to hire more workers.

To get your workers to… well, work, head to the Node Manager for the area you want them to work at. Invest Contribution Points into the resource you want to gather then choose to start working.


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