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The Best Star Fox Games: All 5 Ranked


The Best Star Fox Games: All 5 Ranked

You’re our last hope, Star Fox!

5. Star Fox Adventures (GameCube)

Star Fox, Ranking, Adventure, Dinosaurs

Star Fox Adventures is by far the most different entry in the entire series, from its look to its gameplay style. Adventures is actually an action-adventure game featuring Fox McCloud as the titular hero. Fox is dispatched to “Dinosaur Planet” in the Lylat system after pieces of the planet start to break off and pose a threat to the rest of the system. After landing on the planet, Fox receives a mystical staff from a mysterious blue fox named Krystal and subsequently sets off to save the planet.

Interestingly, Star Fox Adventures didn’t actually start out as a Star Fox game. The title originally started on the Nintendo 64 as “Dinosaur Planet,” developed by Rare. After going through restructuring many different times, Fox was put in as one of the main heroes alongside Krystal and Fox’s Triceratops sidekick, Tricky. Because of this, the game is developed as an action-adventure title instead of the usual Star Fox fare.

With the exception of a few flying sections, most of the gameplay of Adventures puts Fox on foot for the majority of the time. Exploring the world and finding collectibles is key, with Fox engaging enemies in hand-to-hand combat with his staff. The biggest fault of Adventures, though, is that it feels a bit off as a Star Fox game.

Fox and company do end up feeling a bit shoehorned into the world of Dinosaur Planet and the game. It did have a vibrant atmosphere and environment, that helped provide a personality to the game’s world. The combat and exploration is fairly strong, and Dinosaur Planet is an expansive land. Star Fox Adventures is by no means a bad game, it just feels like the Star Fox team may not be an exact fit for the feel of it.

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