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6 Upcoming Games That Are Becoming Dangerously Overhyped


6 Upcoming Games That Are Becoming Dangerously Overhyped

The hype meter is over 9000!

Uncharted 4

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As the final chapter in Nathan Drake’s story, Uncharted 4 has a lot riding on it. Drake has become one of PlayStation’s most notorious faces of recent days and has such a large fanbase that are passionate about the character and his friends. We’ve seen a fair amount of Uncharted 4 in gameplay trailers, screenshots and more; but with a number of key figures having left the development team who had such an important part to play in bringing these characters to life, it’s understandable to be a little concerned.

With former creative director, Amy Hennig, leaving the team and Uncharted 3’s game director, Justin Richmond, following shortly after, the game may have a distinctly different feel from the rest of the series. After all, Hennig’s departure led to the complete rewrite of the script, and Alan Tudyk breaking his contract and leaving the project following “weird changes” to the script.

Change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but for some fans, Uncharted 4 may not turn out to be the game they were hoping it would be because of this. Of course, we hope that we are wrong, but the amount of hype surrounding Drake’s final outing is reaching heights that not even some of the greatest games can deliver on.

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