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5 Non-VR Games to Play in PSVR’s Cinematic Mode


5 Non-VR Games to Play in PSVR’s Cinematic Mode

Step into a whole other world.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn, PSVR, cinematic mode

Until Dawn launched last August to positive reception. Its campy horror story, branching dialogue options, and numerous choices ensured that players would have a unique and fresh experience every time that they played it. While not one of the most terrifying games out on the market, Until Dawn did a great job with building suspense and caught us off guard with a few well-timed jump scares.

All in all, Until Dawn was an enjoyable experience and made us feel like we were the director of our very own horror movie. Therefore, playing this kind of horror movie experience in PSVR’s cinematic mode seems like a perfect fit. Combine the headset with a quality set of headphones and the increased level of immersion is sure to make the scary experience all the more enjoyable.

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