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XCOM 2: How to Change the Pesky Camera Angle


XCOM 2: How to Change the Pesky Camera Angle

Out of the way, camera!

Camera Angle – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 will have you overseeing a battlefield wrought with enemies and objectives at random corners. Sometimes, the buildings and obstacles can get a bit in the way and the hectic camera won’t help you out one bit. Before you make a move or plan your turn, be sure to move the camera to your liking so you can see the best angle of everything. It’ll be tough to spot where your soldier will trigger alien attention if a wall is in your way.

To zoom in and out (very useful when trying to climb onto roofs), simply scroll your middle mouse wheel. To move around the map freely, use WASD. And, finally, when the camera is absolutely in your way, use E and Q to shift it right or left to get a different angle altogether on the scene.

On console, you can move it all with the right thumbstick, use the left and right d-pad buttons to rotate your view. Additionally, up and down on the d-pad changes the level you’re looking at. Perfect for climbing up onto roofs and billboards.

Finally, you’ve thwarted the greatest enemy to Earth’s defenses: the camera.

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