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Top 15 Best Street Fighter Characters


Top 15 Best Street Fighter Characters



Top 10 Street Fighters Dhalsim

Our beloved Dhalsim helped us conquer Street Fighter II when we were just beginners. With stretchy limbs, fire-breathing abilities, teleportation and a torpedo move that could rival M. Bison’s, Dhalsim has all the right mechanics of a strong fighter.

Many characters in Street Fighter are focused on speed and close the distances between fighters but Dhalsim’s main advantage is huge enormous reach, making this fighter extremely frustrating to land a hit on.


Top 10 Street Fighters Blanka

This crazy jungle-beast was first introduced in the classic Street Fighter II. He made quite the impression jumping around, rolling into your face and electrocuting the player if they went for an overhead attack. He was also infamous for his grab, in which Blanka would jump on your character and sink his teeth into your neck.

Damn Blanka, you crazy.

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