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Street Fighter V: How to Unlock Costumes


Street Fighter V: How to Unlock Costumes

Dress to impress.

Street Fighter V is officially available for PlayStation 4 and PC and it is one seriously gorgeous game. Between all of the colors, the flashing lights, and the impressive moves, there is plenty to look at. One of the biggest draws of fighting games is the ability to unlock alternate costumes. Street Fighter V does have them, but there’s a bit of a hurdle right now.

Playing through the story mode will allow you to use many of the alternate costumes. You’ll also be granted access to change each individual’s story costume after completing their particular segment. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything else with them at the current moment in time. This is because you’ll need access to the Shop, which will be available in March, according to an in game announcement whenever you try to access it.

You can, however, still unlock different color schemes to use with each of your characters. To do this, you simply need to complete the different levels of Survival. Each of the tiers, with the exception of Hell, will will unlock new colors for the character you’re using. The difficulties all have a specific number of fights you need to complete:

  • Easy – 10 Fights (Third Color Option)
  • Normal – 30 Fights (Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Color Options)
  • Hard – 50 Fights (Seventh through Tenth Color Option)

For now you’ll only be able to alter your color, but be sure to beat the story mode in order to be able to snag those costumes as soon as the Shop goes live.

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