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Space Moth DX Review

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Space Moth DX Review

A moth with guns, not weird at all.

Space Moth DX for PC

Sometimes, in the world of games, we come across something so entirely out of left field that we’re left wondering just what the hell we played. I definitely got this sense as I jumped into Space Moth DX, 1CC Games’ surreal bullet hell that places players in the role of a giant moth who’s just trying to get to the moon. Of course, other gigantic laser-wielding insects are, for whatever reason, intent on making sure you never reach your goal, and so it goes.

Space Moth DX Stage 1

To call Space Moth DX a psychedelic experience is, perhaps, putting it mildly. Vivid colors, fast gameplay, and a trance-inspired soundtrack all create this purely insane experience. Players will face off against a slew of enemies, dodging wave after wave of bullets as they make their way through the game’s levels. After all, while it may be a space moth, the hero of this bizarre adventure is still a moth, and moths aren’t known for their resilience.

Space Moth DX justifies the “DX” in the title with the inclusion of a more difficult “DX Mode”, which is actually the default playing mode. The more forgiving Arcade Mode allows those who aren’t as skilled at the bullet hell genre to still try their hand with some hope of at least some success. I’ll be honest, I didn’t see much difference between the two modes, but I did seem to get a bit further along when playing on Arcade Mode, for whatever that’s worth.

Space Moth DX Laser Blast

Setting Space Moth DX apart from other games in the bullet hell genre that I’ve played is the player “hit box”, or area that’s vulnerable to attack. Despite the colorful and broad wingspan of our insectoid hero, this point is a small dot at the center of the body. Bullets and enemies that graze the player’s wings actually give bonus points, so staying close to danger without dying is a rewarding, if difficult, effort.

If you asked me to pick one piece of Space Moth DX that’s a clear negative, it’s the lack of powerups. While the moth is equipped with two standard weapons, the scatter shot and laser, there’s no upgrade or variation on these throughout the game. 1CC did, at least, provide ample reason for players to make use of both by allowing the scatter shot to turn larger enemies “neon”, which changes their look, makes them more aggressive, and gives a huge score bonus for finishing neon foes with the laser.

Space Moth DX Arcade Borders

Aside from its lack of powerups and bizarre premise, Space Moth DX is otherwise a pretty standard bullet hell game. This isn’t really a negative or positive point, but should give you a pretty good idea if it’s going to be worth your $7.99 on Steam. If you’re a fan, it’s worth checking out simply for the unique visuals and demanding gameplay. If you’re not, there’s not anything innovative or progressive enough here to be a draw.

Score: 3/5


  • Solid entry in the bullet hell genre.
  • Great psychedelic visuals.
  • Difficult but not impossible gameplay.


  • Lack of weapon powerups or variety.
  • Nothing special or innovative for the genre.

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