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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Vaan


Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Vaan

“I’m through running. I’m ready to find my purpose.”

In order to unlock Vaan’s Magicite, you must craft at least 50 pieces of equipment. Early on in the game you’ll probably want to just craft the gear you specifically want, but by the time you’re well into the 3-star quests you should have plenty of common materials maxing out at 99 in your inventory. That’s a great time to go through and craft a slew of weak weapons, armor, helms, and the like until you hit 50. Once you’ve crafted your 50th item, go talk to the Migrant Moogle Merchant on the eastern side of the hub (he’s the moogle that isn’t there all the time) and he’ll hand over Vaan’s Magicite.

It is important to note that you must have the Trance ability learned before you can obtain character Magicite and transform.

While in a Trance as Vaan, you can use the Luminescence technique if it appears in the Crystal Surge ability list.

Vaan Final Fantasy XII vs explorers

Vaan first appeared in Final Fantasy XII as an orphan street thief. He longs to be a sky pirate with his own airship, and soon becomes involved with a rebellion against the Dalmascan empire. Final Fantasy XII placed 11th in our ranking of the best Final Fantasy games.

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