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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Terra


Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Terra

“We must fight for the future of our children.”

In order to unlock Terra’s Magicite, you must Encase 8 Eidolons in total. You cannot just go up against Ifrit over and over until you’ve Encased him enough times, though. You must Encase 8 different Eidolons for her to become available. Once you’ve captured your 8th Eidolon, go talk to the Migrant Moogle Merchant on the eastern side of the hub (he’s the moogle that isn’t there all the time) and to collect Terra’s Magicite.

It is important to note that you must have the Trance ability learned before you can obtain the Magicite and transform.

While in a Trance as Terra, you can use the Riot Blade technique if it appears in the Crystal Surge ability list.

Terra Final Fantasy VI vs explorers cameo

Terra Branford first appeared in Final Fantasy VI as a human-esper half-breed, under the control of the evil Imperial general Kefka. She wakes from his control with severe amnesia, and seeks to learn the truth about her past while regaining the will to fight. Final Fantasy VI placed 4th in our ranking of the best Final Fantasy games.

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