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Far Cry Primal: How to Get Rare Skins Easily

far cry primal rare black lion skin

Far Cry Primal: How to Get Rare Skins Easily

You monster, you.

Far Cry Primal’s crafting system will have you scavenging for different ingredients to make up certain recipes. The number one common thing you’ll need is a specific animal skin. Some are easy because they’re just the skins of the regular ol’ animals you can find by heading to the icon on your map. As you advance in crafting, however, you’ll find that they’ll ask for much rarer skins.

Since these animals are tougher to find, it will take you awhile to get the skins necessary for some of the more advanced items you can craft. However, there’s a simple trick you can do, provided you have enough red leaves and have already tamed whatever animal you want to skin.

Let’s say you need a Rare Black Lion’s skin. If you already have one tamed, call for it by pressing right on the control pad and then selecting it. Once it comes to you, like the loyal pet that it is, massacre it in cold blood. This will down the pet. Don’t feed it meat to heal it. That’s right, you’ll have to watch your pet slowly die right in front of you.

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Once it does, press right on the control pad again and revive it with red leaves. This will bring you a brand new beast and you’ll have the old one’s carcass right in front of you to skin. Keep in mind, by the way, that doing this nets you the Tears of Shame achievement/trophy in Far Cry Primal.

If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki.

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