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Check Out This New Trailer Showing Arbiter in Killer Instinct

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Check Out This New Trailer Showing Arbiter in Killer Instinct

A release window is revealed, too!

Back at the beginning of the month, it was revealed that Arbiter would be coming to Killer Instinct Season 3. Today, during the finals of the Halo World Championship stream, fans got a chance to see Arbiter, who was introduced in Halo 2,  in action for the first time in Killer Instinct via a brand new trailer.

Wielding the iconic energy sword and plasma grenade, Arbiter is seen using his active camouflage and energy shields to gain an advantage over his opponent. He is also equipped with a plasma grenade which he uses to stick Hinnamatoom. Commenters in the YouTube video quickly picked up that Arbiter is not being voiced by his original voice actor, Keith David. Check out the trailer below.

Season 3 of the popular fighting game is set to launch in March. During the livestream, announcer Chris Puckett said the game was coming March 26 and then corrected himself to say 2016. Shortly after the slip-up, Killer Instinct Community Manager, Rukari Austin, tweeted that it was simply a mistake, and that March 2016 was the release window.

Also joining Arbiter in Season 3 are Kim Wu (originally from 1996’s Killer Instinct 2), Tusk, Gargos, and Rash from the beloved Battletoads Franchise.

During E3 2015, Microsoft revealed that there would also be a PC port of the game coming some time in 2016.

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