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Bungie Wants to Know Why You Quit Destiny

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Bungie Wants to Know Why You Quit Destiny

Bungie is searching for answers.

According to a post on the Destiny Reddit forum by user unknownRNG, as well as reports from multiple other Reddit users, Bungie is apparently very interested in finding out why some players are no longer playing the 2014 space magic FPS.

The survey seems to be directed at players that haven’t played in a while, and is trying to get at the reason for their departure. Some of the possible responses are quite revealing, as it shows that Bungie does have a realistic grasp on what their community has been saying over months since the launch of The Taken King.

Grinding and repetition has always been a complaint of Destiny since its launch, but the “I don’t like PvP” option is interesting to see, as much of the game’s new content recently has been player vs. player oriented. Although unlikely, it would be neat to see the results of this survey in a weekly update. Instead, we’ll just have to wait and see how Bungie responds.

The writing has been on the wall for an exodus for a few months now. Ever since the addition of the King’s Fall raid challenges, new meaningful PvE content has slowed to a near complete halt. While PvP might be a reason to stick around for some, many were drawn to Destiny in the first place by its cooperative content and excellent raids.

Without a second season pass, new expansion, or at least even a new raid in the foreseeable horizon, there seems to be some players that are committing to giving up until there’s a good reason to return, hence the survey.

We don’t know exactly how long Bungie expected the first Destiny to last, but they certainly have no reason to be ashamed if this is the beginning of the end as their premiere shooter has had quite the run, especially when you consider all of the amazing games that have released since Sept. 2014. However at some point, something has to give. The Division, which has some similar traits, is due out in the near future, and won’t be doing Bungie any favors.

If Bungie still has something big up their sleeves for the first Destiny, they should probably let the fan base know sooner, rather than later.

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