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5 Reasons Why Season Passes Probably Aren’t Going Anywhere


5 Reasons Why Season Passes Probably Aren’t Going Anywhere

Season Passes are likely here to stay.

Content for More Dedicated Players

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Season Passes have garnered split opinions since they released. While some consider them a great way to immerse themselves in a world that they love for even longer, others deem them a means for the developer to unduly make more money from their newly released title. Whichever side of the fence you fall down on, the reality is that the Season Pass will probably be around for quite some time.

Quality season passes can give developers the chance to explore ideas in the form of extra side missions and other content that didn’t make it into the base game. At the end of the day, developers aren’t going to spend a ton of time making content that may only appeal or be experienced by a small section of the audience, normally the more dedicated fans. It’s a business decision, one that weighs time against cost efficiency.

By shipping off the best content and experience as the base game, and then putting extra content in a season pass for fans to pick up and enjoy as and when the content releases, developers can keep their most loyal fans happy by giving them more content, while ensuring that the product that is shipped is the best experience for a wide, general audience.

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