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Far Cry Primal: How to Tame the Rare White Wolf

far cry primal how to tame rare white wolf

Far Cry Primal: How to Tame the Rare White Wolf

It’s no direwolf, but still.

In Far Cry Primal, you’re able to tame many different animal companions that will aid you in several ways through your adventure. One such animal is the White Wolf.

You’re able to get your very own Wolf friend by following along the story, so don’t fret; it isn’t missable. After you’ve met Tensay the Shaman (one of the first main missions in Far Cry Primal), and have tamed the Owl, you’ll acquire the mission to tame the howler beast. Simply kill the hunters marked by the checkpoint, follow the blood trail using your hunter vision to reach the den, and throw the two baits the game has asked you to craft. Once the wolf is chowing down, hold Square or X to begin taming it.

Once you complete Beast Master, as the White Wolf will be your only beast,  you’ll be able to hold down Right on the Control Pad to call upon your toothy friend. It’s useful for attacking enemies with you or creating a distraction. The White Wolf in particular growls when there are enemies nearby, increases your minimap field of view, and adds 350 meters to your map’s sight.

Keep in mind that once you’ve tamed more beasts, you can set which one is assigned to the Right Control Pad by tapping Right and selecting whichever you want. Afterwards, calling upon a beast will be as easy as holding down Right.

If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki.

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