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10 of the Hardest to Pronounce Game Titles


10 of the Hardest to Pronounce Game Titles

Tongue twisters.

With games being made all around the world, titles can sometimes be difficult to pronounce. Japanese role-playing games have their titles translated so that they make sense in English, and some developers use words from other languages as they can make for better or more fitting titles. Here is a list of ten game titles that people often find difficult to pronounce. Not all are in a foreign language or translated into English, but all of them can get people rather tongue-tied.

Summer- Colored high School, hardest, game titles, pronounce

Before we start, an honorable mention goes to an open world JRPG that has not yet been released in the US, so therefore, does not have an official English title, but it could be the craziest game title ever. The rough translation is: ‘Summer-Colored High School : Adolescent Record – A Summer At School On An Island Where I Contemplate How The First Day After I Transferred, I Ran Into A Childhood Friend And Was Forced To Join The Journalism Club Where While My Days As A Paparazzi Kid With Great Scoops Made Me Rather Popular Among The Girls, But Strangely My Camera Is Full Of Panty Shots, And Where My Candid Romance Is Going.’ Imagine asking for that at your local store.

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