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The 3 Worst Season Passes of 2015 and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them


The 3 Worst Season Passes of 2015 and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them

Seize the Season Pass.

Many of us share a love of video games and their ability to thrust us into realms of fantasy and escapism, but with all that magic comes the bleak reality that the video game industry is, through and through, a business. Money talks, and corporations at the top of the video game industry know this all to well. Sure, many games are borne from passion, creativity, and the furthest reaches of the imagination, but money really is that cold grasp that keeps all the magic from running rampant at times.

PS4 Shelf

Throughout the history of video games, we have had quite a few different products that can only be described as cash-grabs, whether it’s devices like the Power Glove or on-disc downloadable content. As the video game hardware evolves, however, so do these cash-grabs. Specifically, the latest technique is the Season Pass.

Some games have Season Passes that offer a player’s money’s worth, and some games don’t make players pay at all. Some games, though, are just shameless. Here’s a handful of the Season Passes that were just insulting.

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