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Twitter Gaming Is Now a Thing and Developers Gave It a Warm Welcome

Twitter Gaming

Twitter Gaming Is Now a Thing and Developers Gave It a Warm Welcome

All aboard the party train!

The Twitter Gaming account has been live for a few days now, but it was only today that we’ve seen any real activity from it.

In response to the accounts tweet of “Let’s Tweet,” developers decided it was time to give the new kids on the block a warm welcome into the gaming industry. And oh boy did they do it with style.

Sony Santa Monica got the party started in style

But everyone’s favorite robot, Claptrap, wasn’t going to miss out on a good ol’ welcome party.

Activision danced their way into the welcome wagon.

But Guild Wars 2 has more class and sophistication than that!

Guitar Hero…ermm…welcomed it to the show?

XCOM decided to heat things up a little

And World of Warcraft brought a bird

But there ain’t no party like an N7 party!

Max really tried her best to fit in

And then DJ Pig allowed them all to rave long into the night.

We’re not entirely sure what the Twitter Gaming account will be used for. It’s bio reads “The best of games, gaming, gamers and eSports on @twitter.” We can only assume it’ll become a roundup account for everything gaming related. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. Game developers know how to send out the welcome wagon!

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