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10 Surprising Characters Coming to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


10 Surprising Characters Coming to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Every Kurse has its thorns.

We’re all used to seeing the likes of Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man and the Hulk in LEGO form, but did we ever stop to think about the obscure guys? In the world of Marvel comics, for every Black Widow there’s a M.O.D.O.K, and for every Hawkeye there’s a Squirrel Girl.

In the new LEGO Marvel’s Avengers title, we’ll see the Traveller’s Tales devs stretch their freaky side with plenty of obscure and crazy superhero choices. Here are some of the fun Marvel characters joining the LEGO world:

Fin Fang Foom

Marvel Comics

Have you ever thought to yourself, “gee, I would really love to play as a giant green dragon in a LEGO game”? Well then you’re in luck, because you totally can in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

Created by the greats Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, this giant green monster has been around since the early 60s. This isn’t his first video game appearance either. He was a boss in the amazing action role-playing game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in 2005. I suppose he’s back for digital, block-shaped revenge here in 2016.

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