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The Witness: Symmetry Laser Puzzles Walkthrough


The Witness: Symmetry Laser Puzzles Walkthrough

Symmetry is perfection.

Once you’ve completed the the Pink Trees, you can move on to the open world of the island. The grass will remain behind you as a rocky area opens up ahead. If you head to your left, you’ll come across a huge barn-like structure that happens to be a pottery manufacturing plant. This is where you’ll first encounter the Symmetry Puzzles.

Pottery Barn

The door to the barn will give you the instructions you need to solve the rest of the puzzles:

symmetry 1

Once inside, you will find a huge oven, with wires leading to it. Each of these wires leads to a panel with a row of puzzles that require symmetry to solve. The puzzles will look confusing due to breaks in the paths and other issues. To help you out, we put together all the panels for you (click to enlarge):

Solving all the puzzles in the barn will power up a panel in the area nearby. This will lead to some real challenges as well as the first laser you’ll encounter since leaving the tunnel.

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