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The Witness: Pink Apple Tree Puzzle Solutions Walkthrough


The Witness: Pink Apple Tree Puzzle Solutions Walkthrough

Beautiful trees grow in this land.

The Witness is nothing if not consistent. After one pretty area, is one that outshines it with ease. That’s what you’ll feel when you stumble across the field of pink trees. Hidden among them, are more puzzles and apple trees. There is also a windmill not too far away and that’s what you’re trying to get access to.

The puzzles here are solved by looking at the trees near them. Whether it’s an apple or a broken branch, you’ll find your solutions that way.

If you’re still struggling, we’ve put together all of the solutions in one place. Bear in mind the trees surrounding each so you know which one you need (click each picture to enlarge them):

Solving these puzzles will grant you access to an artist’s room (take some time to appreciate the talent while you’re here), and the back of the windmill. You’ll now be able to advance to the next area and continue on through The Witness.

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