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The Witness: The Quarry Laser Puzzles Walkthrough


The Witness: The Quarry Laser Puzzles Walkthrough

This is called a quarry.

The Witness has many puzzles scattered throughout its beautiful island. In all sections they’ll follow a particular theme, but none are more challenging then those areas that house one of the many lasers located in the game.

One of the most challenging is the Quarry area. There are several sets of rules all in play here, and keeping tabs of each one is completely necessary. Even the simple act of just entering the area will prove to be a challenge. You’ll have to learn how to separate marks, and how to work around Tetrominos (Tetris shapes).

The solutions to the two doors barring your entry into the quarry are pictured below (click to enlarge):

Now that you’re in, you’ll see that there are two structures. If you look ahead you’ll notice a boathouse in the distance, at the end of the quarry. Directly to your left you’ll find a huge, locked, stone building. Each area has its own particular rules in play so they require a different skill set. The areas also contain “switch” puzzles. These are puzzles that change the world depending on the solution you choose, so keep these in mind.

Since it’s much closer, we’ll get started with the stone building.

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