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The Witness: How to Solve the Garden’s Puzzles


The Witness: How to Solve the Garden’s Puzzles

A lush garden hides behind some simple mazes.

The Witness is a beautiful game filled with stunning vistas, interesting locales, and a lot of puzzles. These puzzles will need to be solved in order for you to figure out just what this place is. Some can be pretty challenging, so we’re going to help you out with that.

When you first begin, the puzzles start right away with a gate blocking your way into a lush garden. When you approach said gate, you’ll notice that the puzzle is being covered by three black panels and that there are chords leading from them. Follow these chords to find the three puzzles necessary to remove the panels.

Each panel is solved by drawing a line from the entrance (indicated by a circle) to the exit (indicated by a tab outside of the square). You can check out the solutions for each one below:

Witness 1

Witness 2

Witness 3

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