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The Best GTA Games: All 12 Ranked


The Best GTA Games: All 12 Ranked

They’re all great, but which is best?

12 – Grand Theft Auto


Let’s make one thing clear, none of the games on this list are bad. They not only helped to crate a whole new way of playing, but they have been influential in everything from design to tone. The game that started it off may be ‘last’ on this list, but that’s only because each of the games that followed it up were so incredible.

The top down view may have been a bit difficult to get used to at first but once you got a hold of the freedom offered it became clear that this was a truly special game. Of course, it would be just a glimpse of the insanity that players would experience in the series’ future. The cities present in GTA (Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City) would become well known in the future as gaming evolved into something much bigger.


11 – Grand Theft Auto 2


GTA 2 followed the mantra of “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” The game played almost identically to the first release, with its focus on thievery and more violent felonies in order to rack up points and progress in the game. Instead of taking place in a recreated city of the real world though, it instead takes place in Anywhere, USA, a somewhat futuristic city where apparently crime is still high.

One new aspect added to this GTA was the gang system. Doing missions for one gang could potentially upset another causing serious problems for you and your constituents. It added a fun dynamic that took the game from just straight chaos, to having to actually think about what you did next.

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