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6 Pokémon That Would Be Perfect for Pokkén Tournament


6 Pokémon That Would Be Perfect for Pokkén Tournament

We can’t have all 718, after all.

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Pokken Tournament

For years we’ve sent Pokémon to do our bidding, dispatching them into battle with little care for their own feelings; they are our pawns, but the tables have turned. Now, we are the pawns in Pokkén Tournament. There’s finally a fighting game surrounding the chaos and strategy of Pokémon battles, bringing all types of different creatures into the ring, letting the player be the combatant.

There has been a strange variety of fighters selected, giving the impression that the Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco just don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks, and that’s exactly how it should be. Some choices have been more obvious like Fighting-type Machamp, who would already be easy to translate into the Tekken-like game. Other choices, however, like Chandelure take things to another level by letting you play as something far from humanoid or even animal-like; it looks like a chandelier. In fact, it is a chandelier. A haunted chandelier.

By their logic, anything goes, I suppose. So we at Twinfinite have been thinking, and here are six Pokémon, one from each generation, that we think would be perfect for the Pokkén Tournament roster…

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