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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: How to Get All 15 Red Bricks

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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: How to Get All 15 Red Bricks

They’re not cheats if the game gives them to you!

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers follows the pattern of previous LEGO games by including Red Bricks that can be unlocked throughout the game. These Red Bricks unlock game modifiers such as being able to hear different music or Stud multipliers. All 15 are hidden within the games main missions.

For some of these you’ll need to play in Free-Play mode so that you can use specific abilities not normally available in the missions. Unlocking and activating all 15 Red Bricks will earn you the Trophy/Achievement Going Knowhere.

Red Brick 1: Instant Finisher (Struck Off the List)

Once you make it to the bunker, locate the HYDRA tank that is surrounded by a sort of red mist. This will require a character such as Scarlet Witch in order to cast a Hex on it. Doing that will destroy it and unlock the Instant Finisher brick. Activating this gives you the ability to perform an instant finishing move.

Red Brick 2: Stud Multiplier x4 (A Loki Entrance)

At the end of this mission, you will drive down a road shooting enemies. Stay in the middle and destroy everything that gets in your path to acquire this brick. It will multiply the value of all studs making those True Avenger scores much easier to obtain.

Red Brick 3: Random Impacts (Mission: Rail Hydra)

You will once again need the Hex ability (Scarlet Witch is an easy one to obtain just by playing through the story). When you get inside the train, you will find a locked door to your left that requires the ability. This will grant you the brick. It provides funny effects when you attack enemies.

Red Brick 4: Fast Build (Mission: Shakespeare in the Park)

Finally, you’ll be able to build things really fast instead of having to wait through the clicking noises of them slowly putting it together. You’ll come across a stream with a nearby waterfall. Enter that waterfall and you’ll find a glass crystal in the cave behind it. Use any character that can break glass to obtain the Red Brick stuck in the crystal.

Red Brick 5: Mega Jump (Mission: Helicarrier Havoc)

After getting sliding through the Hulk’s legs as the Black Widow, there will be a door that locks behind you. On the back wall is a pole. Use the poles that require the acrobatic ability (Black Widow actually has this) and make your way to the Red Brick. Now you’ll be able to jump higher and further with Hyper Jumps.

Red Brick 6: Disc Jockey (Mission: Avengers Assemble)

You will come across a Leviathan whose mouth you can open. Use any character with an electric ability (such as Thor) to power it up and make it dance. It will spit out a Red Brick for you to turn into the Collector. This will unlock the Disc Jockey effect which allows players to hear different music in each level.

Red Brick 7: Stud Magnet (Mission: Earth’s Mightiest)

No more having to run around collecting Studs the old fashioned way. Defeat the Chitauri working their way up the building then fly through the hole in the wall (you’ll need a flying character, preferably Iron Man). Next switch to Captain America and get through the cracked wall. Switch back to Iron Man to hack the terminal beyond the wall and the Brick is yours.

lego marvel's super hearoes stark tower

Red Brick 8: Stud Multiplier x6 (Mission: Lack of Insight)

When you get control of Captain America, you will find three Asgardian containers. Play this mission in Free-Play so that you can use someone with the ability to destroy these. There is one right after you crash through a bunch of walls. Another one is to the left after getting up the kick wall. And a final one is to the left of the balance beam. Destroy all three to really increase your Stud collecting.

Red Brick 9: Helium Voices (Mission: Ready A.I.M. Fire)

During the section where you fight off the hordes of Chitauri. a small blimp will fly past you in the air. Destroy the poor blimp to get this brick. Now you’ll be able to make everyone’s voices really squeaky.

Red Brick 10: Enemy Loot (Mission: Lost in the Aeither)

Nearby the lift, you will see a gold LEGO you can cut through with a laser ability. Iron Man is one of the first characters you unlock so just use him to cut through and get the red brick. Now all enemies will drop Studs upon defeat.

Red Brick 11: Random Projectiles (Mission: No Strings on Me)

When you get to the control room, you’ll see a red button that doesn’t do anything when you push it…keep pushing it. After a few times an Asgardian Block will appear in the elevator. Destroy it to get your brick. The effect will make ranged attacks do funny things.

Red Brick 12: Stud Multiplier x8 (Mission: Anger Managment)

Head to the mall. You’ll find two red statues to the sides and a pole with a bird in the middle. Destroy the statues and then the pole. Wait for a bit and the bird will drop the Brick for you. Stud collection has just reached overdrive.


Red Brick 13: Secret Map (Mission: Korea Prospects)

During the section where Black Widow is attacking Ultron, there will be a lamppost with a Red Brick sitting on top of it. Simply shoot it and it’s yours. You’ll now be able to easily find collectibles.

Red Brick 14: Stud Multiplier x10 (Mission: Rise of Ultron)

When you first enter Sokovia, locate a ramp to the left. There is a fountain here that will require hyper strength (Hulk) to lift it. Breaking it will cause a huge gush of water that carries a brick. You’ll never go broke again.

Red Brick 15: Invincibility (Mission: Ultron Undone)

The second section of this mission will have Asgardian bricks. Destroy them to build a jukebox. Once its music plays for a bit, it will spit out a Red Brick.

There you have it, every single Red Brick in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is now yours and so are their abilities. Now nothing can stop you.

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