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Tell Us This New League of Legends Champion Isn’t Handsome Jack

league of legends handsome jack new champion

Tell Us This New League of Legends Champion Isn’t Handsome Jack

Not just us, right?

Today, League of Legends released a trailer hinting at a new champion joining its already large roster.

While the trailer is indeed mysterious and pretty looking, folks had a much more important thing on their minds: Handsome Jack definitely quit his Borderlands gig to be a Champion.


Shooting you in the face while riding Butt Stallion, of course.

For the love of god, PLEASE.


Others may not have seen Handsome Jack in this new League of Legends champion, but instead different villains, from the sadistic:

To mad perfectionists:

To the ones who steal people’s Bending:

And even the anarchic:

No matter who you think this new Champion looks like, you can’t deny the excitement around him.

Still, if he does get unmasked, hopefully it actually is…

What do you think about League of Legends’ upcoming Champion? Think he looks like the president of Hyperion? Let us know in the comments.

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