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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Cecil


Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Cecil

“This is a fight for me and me alone.”

In order to unlock Cecil’s Magicite, you must deal more than 10,000 damage in one go. Jobs like the Monk and Dark Knight that boast high strength will help you reach this goal sooner. I would also recommend going out into the field without any specific quest on your plate, so you’ve got a full hour to do as you please, wandering throughout all the areas you’ve unlocked and taking down every enemy you see. Since Eidolons have very high HP levels, you may want to target one or two of them. You don’t need to completely defeat them if you’re not feeling up to it; just use them as punching bags to accrue lots of damage.

When you’ve dealt enough damage and returned to town, go talk to the Migrant Moogle Merchant on the eastern side of the hub (he’s the moogle that isn’t there all the time) and he’ll hand over Cecil’s Magicite.

It is important to note that you must have learned the Trance ability before you can obtain character Magicite and transform.

While in a Trance as Cecil you can use the Soul Shift technique if it appears in the Crystal Surge ability list.

Cecil Harvey first appeared in Final Fantasy IV as a Dark Knight and commander of Baron’s airship fleet, the Red Wings. After undergoing several trials, Cecil repents for his dark ways and malicious deeds to emerge as a Paladin, on which his design in Final Fantasy Explorers is based. Final Fantasy IV placed 7th in our ranking of the best Final Fantasy games.

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