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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – How to Get out of Jail


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – How to Get out of Jail

Crimes have punishments.

Getting out of Jail

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an open-world action RPG filled to the brim with tons of monsters, thugs, demons, and NPCs. Some of those NPCs are just regular everyday people who fear being harmed by some wandering psycho with a weapon. If you happen to become one of those wandering psycho’s, even for a second, you’ll find yourself right in jail.

You were in the middle of some grand adventure and now you want to get back to it, but it isn’t that simple. There are a few ways to get out, and they all require something specific in order to work, so let’s list the ways to get you free ASAP.

  1. Serve your time – It turns out the the Gran Soren jail is pretty lenient on sentences. You have to serve one day (just under an hour in real world time). You can just leave your game on and come back to just collect your things and walk right out.
  2. Bribe Ser Jakob (the guard) – If you stand by the gate to your cell and wait, the guard will make his rounds and stop to ask you for Gold to get out. It will cost you 5000 Gold (or everything if you have less).
  3. Use a Skeleton KeyThese are rare but they can open the gate and you will be able to walk right out. It’s funny, because the guard won’t even stop you for trying to break out.
  4. During two specific missions, you will have to escape jail use a secret route through a broken wall in your cell. If you want to know which missions, highlight the text within the brackets. [Arousing Suspicion and An Innocent Man]

Those are all the ways to get out of jail. Keep one thing in mind, you cannot break out of jail in Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen if you haven’t completed the quest Come To Court. You will either have to bribe the guard or wait. This quest is one of the first quests given to you when you first arrive in Gran Soren, so just keep your nose clean for a little while after you first arrive.

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